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At Masters in Stone Ltd we are supplier of natural stone and alternative solid surfaces. Design & fabrication cut to size. Turning ideas to stone. Bespoke service. Leading service. Amazing prices. Top quality. Services: Import, Design, Fabrication, Supply, Installation, Specification, Restoration.

Cut to Size

Masters in Stone Ltd, based in Croydon, South London, we supply all quartz kitchen worktops on Silestone-Quartz Compac-Caesarstone. Vast Range of Products. Bespoke Stone Supplies. Skilled Technicians. Types: Granite, Limestone, Marble.

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Our aim is to serve all our customers and make sure all details are accurate as agreed and request. The final touch is always a bonnus at our side


At Masters in Stone Ltd, the worktop template is a mock-up, or model, for the kitchen worktop and is required before any kitchen worktop can be installed. Following the templating process, the worktop is cut to match the dimensions of the template, before being returned to site for installation.